Celebrities Cancel Subscription As Vogue Magazine Faces BACKLASH Against Its Kim Kardashian Cover

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s cover for the April issue of Vogue, see photos HERE has inspired a flood of backlash on Twitter yesterday, where celebrities, fashion influencers and everyday people are weighing in.

Many longtime Vogue subscribers are expressing how they feel ‘betrayed’ by the magazine’s staff, including editor Anna Wintour, for highlighting a reality star like Ms Kardashian.
Anna Wintour said ‘You may have read that Kanye begged me to put his fiancée on Vogue’s cover,’ writes the 64-year-old Editor In Chief. ‘He did nothing of the sort. The gossip might make better reading, but the simple fact of the matter is that it isn’t true.’
And 36-year-old actress, Michelle Gellar blasted magazine’s editor Anna Wintour’s controversial decision and tweeted: ‘Well……I guess I’m canceling my Vogue subscription. Who is with me???’ 


  • Wow! People hate her this much? Its jst a magazine cover, wats all d fuss abt?

  • H.A.T.E.R.S Having Anger Towards Everybody Reaching Success.Kanye and Kim are hated by many americans simply bcos of their success!

  • Anonymous says:

    Wot a. Lovely cover I wonder y people hate. Her dis much……..SMH.

  • ADORN BB says:

    Wow,so much haters TOO BAD

  • kate says:

    I hate her too. I never knew der were so many

  • Anonymous says:

    But why the hate? It’s just a freaking magazine cover **kween**

  • Anonymous says:

    I knew this was bound to happen as wintour agreed to have these ill mannered couple on the cover of her mag. I give her stregnth to mourn her loss. I believe she saw that coming.

  • eva antaih says:

    Kai bet dis is too much nahhhh…

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m so surprised,kilode!!! Kiloletoyi!!! Me dey gbadun the two of them ‎​Ooº°˚ ˚°ºoo .

  • qutephykar says:

    So much hate,Kim has always being a strong woman to face all the hates she gets.

  • Anonymous says:

    After her tweet about 9ja girls, I jux hate her too. Serves her right. Am loving it so so mushhhh

  • aeyshar says:

    I wonder d superstar that doesn’t have haters club (˘̯˘ ) shior make them no buy, kim kanye team wee buy. Infact self all of them hating on them no reach 1million out of 7billion

  • Heine says:

    Na wa oooo…never knew pple hate Kim diz much! Luvly pix doe. If we cud all put aside our sentiments, we cud pick one or two tinz 4rm diz celebs. Kim is a strong woman bliv me. She knws aw 2play her game

  • LalArh says:

    that bitch deserve to be hate…hoe!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I never knew I many people hated her , rily a pornstar and an illuminatist , I really don’t see anything to envy ,though I thought americans loved them hmmm am surprised

  • Once u become a star,celeb,pple tend 2 hate u just lyk dat

  • Anonymous says:

    Many of you that made comments here knows nothing about the whole issues, some are even saying billionaires are jealous of there success, try and be more educated about a topic, most of guys spend hours sitting waiting for her show on Enews, still u don’t get the Picture.Good luck 2 d Gorilla naija girls dat luvs Kim cos dat was wat she called u girls..In case u dnt know,she was repelled off d Oscar Award party aswell cos many don’t wanna associate with Her. Dnt know why but Good luck 2 Kanye as he pays his wife $1M each year she stays married to him,its d KK life as their mom is using them both to extort made men..am so sorry for all d comments cos some Niaja Kim lovers..” Kim is more Fashionable than Michelle Obama” kanye said.so he had to make sure she covers d front page of many mags 2 be justified.. Jigga did not do that and since 2002 he’s still with B.

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